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Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, has become the prime information source for all kind of facts, figures and knowledge, including corporate information. But according to a study by Marcia W. DiStaso (Penn State University), 60% of corporate articles on Wikipedia are inaccurate.

Information on companies in Wikipedia is not only partially wrong, but very often also fragmentary or outdated; many articles are poorly written and include not enough sources and links. In many cases, information on the company is entirely missing in important languages. Sometimes the articles are so rudimentary that they’re at risk of being deleted. 
Ategra Wikipedia Services provides Analysis, Consulting and Training on Wikipedia for corporations, government institutions and NGOs alike.  On a regular basis, Ategra Wikipedia Services publishes corporate Wikipedia rankings.

You get the current ranking of top corporations and institutions based on the integrated and business-oriented Ategra Wikipedia Ranking methodology which includes the criteria quality, interconnectedness, popularity, languages and balance.  

Representatives of companies, governmental and non governmental institutions, as well as media services can order Ategra Wikipedia Rankings free of charge here.

Ategra with its team’s Wikipedia experience provides consulting related to this field of expertise and show you possible approaches and solutions based on inherent Wikipedia principles.

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You get a detailed report on your corporations‘ current profile on Wikipedia based on the Ategra Wikipedia Ranking methodology.  The analysis highlights strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to your organization’s specific Wikipedia presence and provides insight into how your company is viewed by the public. You can choose the languages on which the analysis should be focused on.. 

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Includes an introduction to Wikipedia and practical exercises for your entire team.

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